"I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth."

Psalm 34:1


In March 2012, our family went on a Spring Break trip to Galveston, TX. On our way back home, the tire on my Ford Explorer gave way causing our truck to take off like a blast of wind flipping the truck over. We all went from the highway to the Conroe, TX Hospital ER with little bruises. My husband was the only one who got the worse of the wreck, he almost lost his right arm. I know God is good, he saved me, my husband and my four sons. He saved my husband' arm, all he lost was some nerves in his arm and his job. But God took care of all our bills! I give God all the Glory!

Charlotte/Dallas, TX


I needed gas money and I prayed. I was walking on the beach with my two children (no daddy in the picture) I looked down and there was a twenty dollar bill tangled in some weeds, a big grin, thanks Lord I said smiling....I have so many stories like that......

Pam from Facebook/Beach Town, USA

"I'LL GO!"

I've have spent my entire life in Northern California. In 2011, I was told that I needed to relocate because of my job. I faught the move looking for other positions within the company. I didn't want to leave my family. I couldn't believe God wanted me to leave my children and grandchildren. I was/am the backbone (or so I thought) of my family. With no jobs coming through, I finally prayed and stopped fighting God's plan for me. I decided to do like Abraham and say wherever you lead me, I will go. The Lord orchestrated the circumstances and brought me here to Texas in December 2012. A year later I found out that the move was not so much for me as it was for me to be a blessing to someone here. Once I realized that, I realized how happy I am living here!

Pauletta/Keller, TX


God blessed me with employment after being unemployed for one year....Praise God!!!!

Veneitra/Dallas, TX


Since the death of my son on August 15, 2009, I've had several instances where I knew God was besides me or had my back. While I never became mad or turn my back on God, I did question "why my son and not me?" I'm sure all parents go thru this in their mourning. One thing that bothered me was the not knowing for sure if my son was "saved" the days/months after his passing. I "did" life, but being home alone left me too much time to just lay and be sad. My son was so full of Life & Love! I knew he wouldn't want me to just lay around on weekends and keep my family shut away. One Saturday, about 7 months later, I was just laying around, I didn't answer my sisters calls, quite frankly, I didn't want to talk to anyone, I didn't want to go eat breakfast, go to church or anything else, I just wanted to lay around and do nothing. I decided to power on my PC, I had not turned on my PC since my son had died and I had checked emails around that time. Since then my daughter-in-law and kids had lived with me for awhile. She lived in Houston when my son had passed away. When I turned on my PC, my whole desktop looked different than what I remembered, in the bottom left corner there was a little circle icon. I looked closely at it and it had a "GOD LISTENS" on the button. I clicked on the button and the song "Born Again" by Third Day was playing......coincidence.....that was one of my son's favorite song at the time. I didn't know the name of the song just some of the lyrics...so I remembered the lyric called my niece and asked her what is the name of the song that say "I was lost when you found me then you came along, it feels like I'm born again." I told her why of course she told me how she had made my son a CD of songs and this was one of his favorites. I came to find out that while my daughter-in-law and grandkids had lived with me they had downloaded the radio station from Houston. I had stopped "Living" and was just existing and smiling at the appropriate times because that's what was expected of me. I have learned to laugh, play and have fun again! I was able to find acceptances. I miss him everyday, but I thank God for getting me past the loneliest days.

Alicia/Garland, TX


I got married in 1991 and divorced in 2003. Jesus had my back as I was going through my divorce, my ex-husband said "You will come to nothing and work for $7.25 for the rest of your life." Since the divorce, God has blessed me with a good job which pays more than $7.25 per hour and I've been with the company for many years. I own 2 houses and 2 vehicles by myself, because I put God first place in my life. I relocated with my job and the Lord has blessed me with new friends and a new adopted family. I am SO blessed, by the Grace of God! My ex-husband is now living in a rooming house. I know my GOD provided for ALL my needs, because he always has my back!

Sandra/Fort Worth, TX


Jesus has taken care of me all my life, I just didn't know it. One memory that is more important than many others is when I was hit on the head by a 50 pound awning over a door, but by God's grace, lived to tell about it! God brought me through that with only short memory lapses at times. I thank God for that and try to stay in church and much as possible and prayed up!

Pat/DeSoto, TX


In 1994 I was diagnosed with cancer, I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and I could not see, drink, talk or walk. I lost 20-25 pounds and the doctor told my family that I would need to be placed in a Nursing Home. But God healed me and I'm here today, happy & healthy without the need for therapy, etc.!

Sherrie/Fort Worth, TX


When I truly knew God had me(Not me thinking I had me!)was when I lost my Mother at the prime of life, 12th birthday. To know I'm still surviving and living for God (trying) and knowing that without him there truly would be "NO" me. It has been along journey, but I've learned so much through it all!

S. Tolbert/Fort Worth, TX


Until years after becoming a Christian, I never really realized and came to appreciate how much Jesus had my back before I actually became a Christian. After becoming a Christian and eventually making it a priority to develop a personal relationship with God by intently studying, reading and hearing the Word of God for myself, did I realize how many dangers, toils and snares I escaped by the grace of God. He had my back before I knew him, that still amazes me today. I didn't know, but Thank God, HE knew the plans he had for me. One situation in particular was during my last two years of college. By choice, I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment. I really liked these apartments because they were fairly new & very nice, reasonably priced and within walking distance to campus. Unfortunately, the only one bedroom unit available was in a VERY secluded area facing a large open wooded field. As well, my preference was a 2nd floor apartment, unfortunately, only a first floor unit was available. As a female and the youngest of five children, my very over protective father was livid when I decide to move forward and rent this apartment. So much so, he supplied me with a .38 caliber pistol for protection. Although my father had a heart bigger than any Christian I've met, he was not a "praticing Christian." But, who am I to judge, maybe he prayed before and after he gave me the pistol? Only he and God knows..that's all that matters. All I know is, THANK GOD.....harm never came my way in the two consecutive years I lived alone in that apartment. This is one of the countless times I can recall KNOWING that it was Jesus who protected me from all harm and danger, in other words "had my back." I believe he saved my life because he knew one day he'd save my soul. A few years after graduating college, I came to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Ms. J/Dallas,TX


I have a disease that doctors in Fort Worth/Dallas had given up on. My Endocanoligist said I was dying. I kept praying and believeing that only God, not man, could heal me. After 2 brain surgeries & 5 other surgeries related to my illness, a heart attack (underwent surgery for doctors to put in 3 stints in my arteries). I was bleeding inside and had to be rushed back to surgery. I sought out a doctor in Boston and have been on a medication that has blocked the disease, the swelling is gone after 9 years, ONLY GOD!

Sherry/Fort Worth, TX


Working for a company for 13 years, I started applying for management jobs I felt I was qualified to perform. I was not selected for many of the positions and in the beginning it kind of hurt. One day I was talking to a mentor who mentioned "God has a plan for me and the job I wanted may not be in that plan." My motto became "What God has for me, it is for ME! In November 2012, I applied for a job and breezed through the interview. I was informed a week later that I had the position that fits me perfectly! Thank you God for closing all the wrong doors and opening the right one.....I know I am following his plan.

DJ/Fort Worth, TX


My mom passed July 2007, she was my BEST friend in the World!!! I always dreaded that day! I didn't cry at her funeral, I was actually happy to know she was with JESUS and in heaven!!! I thought I would be depressed for the rest of my life, no hope in living! The LORD comforted me TREMENDOUSLY!!! She was the one that took care of my three kids, my BEST friend, my rock, my wisdom, every problem I had I could ask for advice. She had lots of wisdom and so did my step-dad! Now, I had to learn to lean MORE on JESUS and be happy! I have learned to talk, worship, adore, pray, read my BIBLE, etc. The LORD IS MY EVERYTHING!!! He listens! He cares! We ALL need JESUS!!!!!!!!!!! He is my LORD, MY SAVIOUR! I encourage those who don't know him, you don't know what you are missing!!!Read the HOLY BIBLE, seek him earnestly and you will FIND him!

R. Brown/Duncanville, TX


I live in very small Texas town, Palmer, TX. The town already had 8 churches but I never really felt like I belonged or was wanted. One morning on my way to work, I prayed for a church that I could fit in & call my own. I told God that I knew there were already 8 churches in our town but.. That was on a Wednesday. On Thursday evening, I went to a Step Aerobics class & the instructor asked me if I had a home church. I explained that I was searching for one. It was then, Jesus answered my prayers! She told me they were starting a church that coming Sunday & she invited me to come try it out. That was seven years ago & our church continues to grow & prosper under God' direction. Since then, my husband, son-in-law & daughter-in-law have been saved by the grace of Jesus!

D. Higdon/Palmer, TX


At my age, every morning I wake up let's me know Jesus has my back! Also, being able to be here doing the work I do, there were so many times when I wanted to retire. But God always let's me know, I got you, never give up!

Valerie/Fort Worth, TX