Praise the Lord, With or Without saying a Word!
In tragedy or triumph, Jesus promised all believers in Matthew 28:20, "I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." Our translation of this scripture is "No One Has Your Back Like Jesus." If you're a Christian who has experienced the loss of a loved one/birth of a child, long term medical condition/good health, imprisonment/freedom, addiction/deliverance, homelessness/homeownership, abuse/kindness, business failure/thriving business, marriage/divorce, employment/unemployment, poverty/wealth, etc. you know and understand firsthand, No One Has Your Back Like Jesus! He is with you always, in triumph or tragedy, 24/7/365.

Use these Christian t-shirts to minister in your daily walk the love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. Purposely plant perpetual positive seeds of hope and encouragement to all, believers and non-believers. Take this opportunity to visibly preach a sermon with or without saying a word! Use the t-shirts to evangelize as you attend social events, shop, work, exercise, vacation, and visit hospitals & prisons.

We're hopeful the Christian t-shirt(s) you purchase will encourage and give hope to one or many in your daily path, affirming our faith as Believers and casting a net to draw non-Believers to the Kingdom of God. Whether or not you've purchased a t-shirt or received one as a gift, we'd love to share your personal testimonies of one specific situation in your life when you know Jesus had your back. OR share your story on how the t-shirt opened the door to evangelize in your everday life, please forward to and we will post. "And they overcame him (satan) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." Revelation 12:11


First 10 Win a FREE "No One Has Your Back Like Jesus" T-Shirt!

The first 10 people to submit a written or video testimony detailing one specific time in your life when you knew Jesus "had your back" will win a "No One Has Your Back Like Jesus" t-shirt. Examples of testimonies could include recovery from a terminal/serious illness, full recovery from/prevention of a car/plane accident, financial favor related to tuition, employment, mortgage, business opportunities, etc. All video and written testimonies will be posted to Your submission gives permission to post your personal testimony on this web site, without limitations or liabilities. All video submissions will be posted on YouTube and a link placed on this web site. To submit, send your personal testimonies to

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